PolyVent Educational Platform


The Polyvent Educational Platform is a ventilator offering an unparalleled learning experience in pulmonology, engineering, and programming. Its open-source approach, modular design, and innovative features make it the perfect choice for educational institutions, students, and enthusiasts alike. Get ready to unlock your potential and dive into the world of medical technology with the PolyVent Educational Platform!

Introducing a revolutionary product that brings together the best of open-source hardware and software, offering a comprehensive educational experience in the fields of pulmonology, physiology, engineering, and programming – the PolyVent Educational Platform!

Released under free-libre open-source licenses, this ventilator is not only designed for classroom instruction but also encourages hands-on exploration and modification.

Open-source Hardware Repo: https://gitlab.com/polyvent/organisational

Open-source Software (VentOS Project) Repo: https://gitlab.com/project-ventos/ventos

Spacious Footprint

boasts a spacious footprint, providing full visibility and easy access to all its modules. This makes it perfect for in-depth learning and understanding of the ventilator's inner workings.

Modular Design

With a modular design, each individual module can be easily tested and redesigned independently. This encourages experimentation and innovation, making it the ultimate educational tool.

Tough Polycarbonate "Cake Dome" Cover

The easy-to-clean and easy-to-remove transparent cover is made from durable polycarbonate material, ensuring a safe and protected learning environment.

Simple Push-to-fit Entry Ports

The ventilator features user-friendly push-to-fit entry ports for both pressurized air and oxygen, facilitating seamless connectivity and operation.


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