PolyVent Inventors

Meet the prior team:

Shaili Arjani

Shaili has 13+ years of experience in the public relations and communications industry and is an active contributor at PolyVent. In her career, she has worked for clients in Logistics, FMCG, Beauty, Fintech, B2B, Entertainment, Fashion, Hospitality, Digital sectors. Besides that, she has extensive experience in stakeholder management.

Her well-rounded skill set includes strategy development, creating, writing, planning and producing integrated marketing communications campaigns. (Base: India)

Nathaniel Bechard

Nathaniel is a designer and prototyper for PolyVent, being with the team since the beginning. He spends most of his free time working on engineering projects, involving robotics, 3d printing, avionics, and other fields. He’s interested in helping people with technology. Nathaniel is a self-taught prodigy and the team’s main powerhouse in the electronics department. (Base: Canada)

Brandon Beierle (PhD)

An active member of PolyVent, Brandon is a skilled executive leader and entrepreneur, with a resume spanning hi-tech, engineering and environment, experience in nearly 20 countries, and expertise in business development, project management and operations.

Brandon's latest challenge is creating a new paradigm in Home Automation, unlocking the your home's ability to work for you by developing an affordable, usable and private ecosystem of products. (Base: Canada)

Austin Campbell

Austin is an active member of PolyVent and a young self-acclaimed inventor. He is a prominent self-taught engineer and experienced prototyper, being with the team since its inception. As well as passionate mechanical person, he also has a strong interest in biohacking, deep learning, lithium batteries and cars. some of his favourite projects include a completely homemade electric longboard, rebuilding cars engines, a positive pressure bio-lab and his robots from the 2019 Ontario robotics competition. (Base: Canada)

Pierre-Luc Charron

Pierre-Luc is the co-founder and active member of PolyVent. He has been involved in his community from a young age and has started to follow classes about crisis management while in his early adolescence. Since, he kept his skill up to date by working for the military in remote and dangerous environments and by working as a volunteer in the management of startups oand non-profit organisations. Since his participation in the founding of the Polyvent team, he has been tuning his skills in project management, mechanical engineering and 3d printing. His experience in several technical field made him a good science popularizer. He currently lives with both his kids in Quebec, Canada. (Base: Canada)

Rui Couto

Rui is an active member of PolyVent, with 20 years in Business Information systems and SAP technical consulting. Rui has project experience in many areas from industry to services in Portugal and internationally. He is a data migration technical specialist with experience in strategic planning, design and management of complex SAP DATA migration projects. Rui is also a Volunteer, Advisor, Promoter and Acceleration of digital business projects for social impact, and an ambassador for Wold Parkinson’s Council. (Base: Portugal)

Lukesh G. Dhangaonkar

Lukesh is a volunteer at Polyvent-India Team. He is experienced in Product as well as Tool Design and  Development.

He has completed his Masters in Design Engineering and also did Post Graduate Diploma in Tool Design and CAD/CAM.  Currently he is working as a Sr. Design Engineer in Service Industy.

Photography and Motorcycle riding are the areas of interest and hobbies for him. (Base: India)

Joodi Mourhli

Joodi is an active member of Polyvent and an ambitious nursing student minoring in philosophy and public health. She has an outstanding experience of conducting biomedical research, assisting in organizing global healthcare summits, and supporting clinical trials in hospitals, government agencies, universities and pharmaceutical companies. Currently, she is researching enhanced models to revolutionize PolyVent’s communication system to bridge the gap between our community members and facilitate the process of documenting and updating the gradual process of improving our ventilator systems (Base: Lebanon)

Alisa Nussbaumer

Alisa is an active member of PolyVent and helps solving all chemistry-related challenges. She studied chemistry at RWTH Aachen university and is currently doing her PhD about 3D-bioprinting regenerative tissues at the DWI – institute for interactive materials in Aachen. Before PolyVent, she already worked with startups in the Medtech area. Here, she wrote an awarded business plan and gained valuable knowledge about business development and regulation related issues. (Base: Germany)

Santosh Roy (PhD)

Santosh is an active member of PolyVent. He spent several years researching quantum vs. classical competition in atomic nucleus. His team pioneered several experimental techniques that lead to the validation of quantum/classical interplay in finite fermi systems.

He is now working in several cutting-edge science techniques that are a part of Gravitational-wave detection physics. He is also involved a few open source projects that is working for the betterment of our community. (Base: India)

Victor Suturin (PhD)

Co-founder and Invention Coach of PolyVent

Victor is the co-founder and project leader of PolyVent. He is an entrepreneur and an inventor in the healthcare field, currently running Aliform - a medical device startup based in Aachen, Germany. He has a strong leadership and interdisciplinary science background with expertise in biomedical sciences, physiology, and medical device design. (Base: Germany)

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Levi Türk

Levi is a materials scientist, mechanical engineer based in Dortmund, Germany and is an active member of PolyVent. In his master thesis, Levi researched new manufacturing methods suitable for the Mars environment.

He worked on a custom Emergency Ventilator in March/April 2020 and joined the PolyVent team in October 2020. Levi’s great passion is teaching. (Base: Germany)

Sujay Umarjikar

Sujay is an electrical engineer and an active member of PolyVent. He has strong experience in entrepreneurship, manufacturing, quality management and design. Sujay has passion for technology, social innovation and making essential medical devices more accessible globally. (Base: India)

Antal Zuiderwijk

Antal is an active member of PolyVent. Antal earned his Master’s degree in biological and soft matter physics from Leiden University. During his final project he started prototyping, building a custom backlight to improve high-speed filming of bouncing hydrogels. Since then, he’s worked many innovative projects from his workshop near the Hague in the Netherlands, including PolyVent. As lead designer of PolyVent Antal oversees the overall architecture of the ventilator, including mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. (Base: Netherlands)

You can find more of his work on his YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/antalz