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Public Invention Projects

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current moonrat design

Project #51: Moonrat II: A tote-sized portable Incubator

A small, intelligent, portable, battery powered incubator will enable a wide variety of biological experiments and assays to be performed “in the field” far from a standard laboratory.

General Purpose Alarm Device Prototype

General Purpose Alarm Device (GPAD)

In conjunction with SPEC, we are building an easy-to-use standalone alarm device that can flash lights, make noise, and display text to act as an alarm for hobbyist medical devices. However, its uses are really endless.

Glia Tourniquet

Glia Open Source Tourniquet for Ukraine

Public Invention is proud to assist Glia, a Canadian firm, in its “Stop the Bleed” project making an open-source tourniquet for the terrible conflict in Ukraine. They have published an open-source design for their tourniquet, which means anyone can in principle make one with a 3D printer and the ability to sew.

number spectra

Project #30: Number Spectra: Build a map of common irrational combinations

Often computer programmers and engineers write software which produces decimal expansions of numbers which in fact have a closed-form expression which is unknown or not observed to the programmer.

BG _07

The Sunlight Regulatory Device License

This is an attempt to construct a new kind of free-libre open source license aimed specifically at medical devices. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for open, transparent devices which are both suppy-chain resilient and fully tested under normal regulatory regimes. In order to build an system of for-profit and non-profit firms that support such devices to alleviate want now and in the future, we believe a license that encourages a new kind of sharing is required: one that allows re-use of device designs and test documentation by forcing publication at the time of reuse for regulatory clearance.


FerroFluid Valve

This is an attempt to build a passive ferrofluid one-way valve. If this could be accomplished, it would be much easier to make a pump-on-a-chip. My previous attempts to do this were deeply flawed (see below).

I am now attempting to build a (very simple) physics simulation of planar ferrofluid to test out some additional ideas before 3D printing. This was inspired by a Public Invention volunteer, Veronica S, who did the initial CAD design compiled from my previous thoughts, causing me to realize some flaws to the initial design.

Freespireco image 1


The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated a clear and present need for a complete, free-libre open-source, easily repairable, widely usable, safe and effective respiratory support medical device ecosystem. Public Invention asks that you support our project to create such a system, to be called The Freespireco Project.


The Ox Project

This project seeks to design and prototype a scalable, open source oxygen concentrator for medical therapies in rugged environments. We have developed a design and prototyped/presented it at our most recent respiratory conference; however, we could always use more help to improve the project further.

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