Consider becoming a volunteer with Public Invention

Public Invention invents things that helps humanity; we don't just talk about it. Fundamentally, we need people who want to invent things in the public interest without the need to be paid for it.

But we are attempting to create a movement to democratize invention. The future of invention is not the lone genius, but teams of people working in the light---in public---and asking others for help.

So we need Invention Coaches: people who can drive a project forward. We need Public Inventors who are nerds: people who can do the homework and intellectual work to make an ideal real. But we also need Public Inventors who are writers, photographers, testers, fundraisers, managers, and artists.  Whatever skill you can provide, we can probably find a way to use it!

We also need ideas. One of our principles is that ideas are cheap. Ideas are easy to come by; we've published 45 of them on this site. The hard work is going from an idea to a working invention that others can use. But we believe there is value in publishing ideas, even fairly vague ideas, as long as you are willing to give it freely to the world. If you are willing to release an idea under a Creative Commons license and agree not to patent it, we will help you organize and publish your idea at Public Invention, where perhaps, someday, a team, with or without you, will make your idea real for the benefit of all humanity.

There may come a time when the Head Coach of Public Invention can't talk to everyone; but that day is not yet come!

If you have any questions, or want to volunteer, or want to contribute an idea, contact me at read.robert@gmail.com.

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