Impact of VentMon in India, from Taurus Medical Corporation

Since its inception, we have known that VentMon has the capacity to save lives. We are excited to report that we’ve received tangible proof of this from Ajit Lahori and his team from Taurus Medical Corporation in India. After sending Ajit Lahori a VentMon, Public Invention received this testimonial highlighting how VentMon is making an impact in under-resourced hospitals in India — so much so that they are requesting a second VentMon.

Here is the full testimonial:

VentMon is helping us tremendously. Thank you very much for sending. We were able to dispatch and install a few ventilators free of cost to a small charitable hospital here in India. As COVID infections are rising heavily, we are trying our best to supply maximum machines to the  needy and hospitals which don’t have life saving equipment. This is going to save many lives.

We have one more office down south of India where we have just started manufacturing ventilators. As we have only one VentMon, we are not able to speed up delivery of machines.

Is it possible for you to send one more VentMon? This will really help us  saving more and more lives, especially in the areas where people cannot afford to go for a treatment which is expensive.

While vaccine rates are on the rise in the United States and we’re beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, many places around the world are still struggling to find ways to control the COVID-19 virus. Public Invention’s COVID relief work is not finished. On May 21st, Public Invention will host Respicon: Respiration Support Invention Conference. As part of the conference, we will announce The VentMon T0.4: the free-libre ventilation test-monitor which is full IoT enabled and uses a public data protocol. We will be giving it away free of charge to teams in need.

We hope to see you at the conference!

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