Project #48: GlussCon

Invention Coach:

Robert L. Read

Public Inventor(s):

Avinash Baskaran


By building a “puppet”, a hand-held controller of a larger robot, we hope to allow a workperson to effectively control a rescue robot that could clear or search rubble. Tentacle-like robots are difficult to control algorithmically. By building a telepresence controller, we open up new possibilities, such as agricultural robots more environmentally friendly than tractors.


After building a prototype of the 7-tet Tetrobot, Rob was trying to algorithmically develop a gait for walking and struggling with this tedious task. It made more sense to build a simulacrum–a puppet that could be manipulated by hand, much as the Jaegers in Pacific Rim are controlled by their pilots—only smaller. With help from Joshua and Evan, we designed and constructed a very messy controller that worked well enough that a child could use it! Our new volunteer, Avinash, is trying to help us take it to the next level by improving on our very messy initial prototype. Our goal is to let a pilot move the 7-Tet tetrobot over a 4×4 obstacle by the end of the summer.



Skills Needed

3D-printing, Raspberry PI, soldering, micro-electronics, computer-human interaction, industrial design.