Project #64: Geotagtext

Invention Coach:

Robert L. Read

Public Inventor(s):

Neil Martis, Darío Hereñú, and Diego Aspinwall


The goal of this project is to allow a group of people, perhaps in an emergency situation, to geotag locations to be on a map. Imagine using your phone to place a red tag on a flooded area or where a person needs help, and green tag on a road which is safe to drive on.


This web page uses the geolocation feature now built into most browsers and accessible via JavaScript. It uses free and open map technology. Currently, it uses Google Firebase as a simple backend to provide shared persistence.

Our goal is to further enhance and build on this existing application thereby developing an application user interface or a public API which can be used and incorporated into existing applications/brand new projects; for example, this application could be used during natural disasters, in applications like Free Little Libraries or Free Little Food Pantries, or as a gaming app for encouraging communities to partake in outdoor walks/activities.



Skills Needed

It is possible that this project will be improved upon by others in the future. Hence, we are happy to have anyone help or add to our existing design. Some examples of skills needed for further improvements include:

Helping us to brainstorm alternate uses for this app, move it to Bootstrap, develop new features, or document its use.

For example, we have toyed with the idea of creating a game: one person walks through a city laying down red dots, and the goal of the other players is to place a green dot within 10 meters of each red dot.


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