Ventilator Verification Project

Invention Coach:

Robert L. Read

Public Inventor(s):

Avinash Baskaran, Juan Enrique Villacres-Perez


Note: This project has spawned the equally important VentMon project.


After March 15th, we answered a public call to address the expected life-threatening shortfall of ventilators in the USA and around the world. I volunteered at,  Because I volunteer for Public Invention full time and most people have jobs, I quickly became a de facto leader of the Ventilators effort. After starting a repo to collect projects and resources, Public Invention volunteers wrote “Analysis of Open Source COVID-19 Pandemic Ventilator Projects“, which as now been viewed 10K times.

Public Invention volunteered constructed and currently maintain a massive spreadsheet of open-source ventilator projects and modules. Although most of these projects are not ready to be manufactured, we anticipate some of the will be soon. This will create problem; these machines are life-critical and should be tested extensively and evaluated by teams other than the inventors. We created a testing strategy (scroll down to see) and machine for that purpose.

However, more important may be managing a match-making task: shipping prototype ventilators to teams to test, and shipping test equipment to teams building ventilators. We propose to accept requests and manage that process, and to raise money to support the shipping and purchase of test equipment. Although this project is just starting (the pandemic is making all of us rush), a donation now would be appreciated.



Skills Needed

Management, fund raising, clinical oversight by MDs or respiration therapists or nurses