Videos from Vent-Con 2020 Available Now!

The videos from Vent-Con 2020 are available now!

On May 21st, Public Invention co-hosted Vent-Con 2020–an Open Source Ventilator Conference–along with Helpful Engineering,, and Ventilators Collaboration Network. The mini-conference/webinar reviewed the impressive progress, discussed the uncertain present, and forged a path forward into the future for makers, philanthropists, investors, government officials, medical professionals, and manufacturers involved in building pandemic ventilators. The conference was well-attended, with about 120 participants from various backgrounds.

The theme of the conference was “Towards Cooperation in the Pandemic Mid-Game,” and brought together diverse speakers to discuss how we can collectively overcome the perceived shortfall of ventilators needed to treat COVID-19. The conference did not discuss specific ventilator projects in detail, but rather discussed the larger community and eco-system as we better learn what is needed to treat this ever-growing virus.

Check out the full videos from the conference:

And don’t miss the presentation slides:


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