General Purpose Alarm Device (GPAD)


The General Purpose Alarm Device (GPAD) is a programmable alarm panel/device that makes loud noises, flashes a bright light, and provides an 80 character message when something goes wrong. It is an open source hardware and software design which is meant to be programmed by hobbyists using another microcontroller. If your Make or project needs an alarm, don’t build your own—use the GPAD or build on top of our design!

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The GPAD is based on the Arduino UNO, and can be controlled either through the serial port or via an SPI interface with an RJ12 data cable. It is modularized such that the common functionality of providing a loud, flashing alarm sound can be combined with other hardware components to expand its application, which is needed by varying project concepts (e.g., temperature controllers, hobbyist sensors, etc.). The provided repository supplies examples of the simple API used to set the alarm state, including the text message. It is powered by a 12 volt power plug (i.e., “wall wart”). Please contact or see our repo for more technical information.
Light and Sound Alerts

The GPAD Module utilizes a combination of visual and auditory signals to ensure that caregivers are promptly notified of any concerning conditions. Bright LED lights and distinctive sound patterns work in tandem, capturing attention and facilitating rapid response times.

Customizable Alerts:

Caregivers can easily personalize the alert settings to suit individual needs. Whether it's monitoring medication schedules, detecting unusual movements, or keeping track of vital signs, the GPAD Module can be tailored to accommodate various caregiving requirements.


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