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Out of a pressing need I discovered as a volunteer for Engineers Without Borders USA, Public Invention has been working on a portable incubator for several years now. We recently got a great new volunteer, Melanie LaPorte, who is being invention coached by Forrest “Lee” Erickson. We’ve create our first crowdfunding campaign to raise money to make five test incubators.

This campaign is very important to us, both financially, psychologically, and spiritually. Although it is for less than $2000, a success here will show public support, which we need to prove to the IRS that we remain a public charity rather than a private foundation. It will also show the many Public Inventors who volunteer their time without pay that the work they are doing is valuable. If you have ever thought of making a donation to Public Invention, please help make sure the “Tote-Size portable incubator for rapid field work” fundraiser is a success.

We are using, which has a lot of other projects similar to ours that you may want to check out—all of them are either true science experiments or the development of tools for scientific research. At, you don’t have to pay unless the funding goal is reached. Public Invention is a US 501c3, so your gift will be tax-deductible.

I took the current version of our incubator to Tanzania where we analyzed some water samples for E. coli. It worked well, but needs the planned improvements we are raising money for.

So, please help us out by making a pledge to our portable incubator project:

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