Did you know your support carries a 3-fold impact??

Have you ever wondered where all those individuals that take part in humanitarian efforts come from? Like how do they get initial funding and grow? Even if a group like this existed and took off, how could I contribute to something like this?

Well look no further because we are a membership who seeks out creative and passionate individuals in our search to create a place for innovative and creative minds to meet and collaborate.

We function as a nonprofit through donations from others as well as from grant funding or support funding campaigns. Without backers/supporters/financial donors, we would not be able to purchase the materials and resources needed to accomplish our humanitarian projects or make these project teams possible.

When you donate to Public Invention, your donation carries a 3-fold impact!

More specifically, your funding will first reach us directly as an organization by helping us to not only sustain our US 501c3 status each year, but by also allowing us to fund each project team, paper submission, and project design we develop that year. This is the first level impacted by your funding!

The second would be the impact it has on the inventors and invention coaches that volunteer their time, skills, and energy to develop an idea into a real solution for a given project team. This can be seen as a physical device (e.g., a portable incubator), a theoretical solution (e.g., a mathematical expression for representing a soft-robotic platform), or even further an intangible system/structure used to track the shipment, quality, and quantity of a product (e.g., the GOSQAS project). All of these, are real projects developed by inventors, invention coaches, board members, or partnering organizations that your funding would reach.

The third would be the impact it has on the targeted demographic most affected by the issue our membership is attempting to solve. For the portable incubator design developed by our Moonrat II project team, it would be the communities impacted by bacterial contamination in their nearby water sources. For the Softrobot math research paper, it would be those in need of better endoscopes, search and rescue robots, or (possibly in the future) inflatable devices that go into the body. For the GOSQAS team, this would be those seeking out modular, open-source manufacturing resources to help meet the demand during product shortages or for product tracking needs.

Hence, your donation will have a 3-fold impact! By donating to our organization, you would be contributing to 3 different tiers of individuals that could benefit from your support. Not to mention the several nonprofits and partnering organizations that work alongside us from time to time.

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