The Mission of Public Invention is to “Invent in the public, for the public.

Project #7: Color-block Font for Writing

Color is vivid. Throughout recorded history, it has been expensive to produce color compared to monochrome design. Writing systems, which have been constantly evolving since their invention initiated recorded history, have generally been monochrome. But now color is cheap or free, which raises questions: Is the next evolution in writing systems in the direction of …

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Project #33: 3D Print Soft Robotics with PVA Molds filled with Silicone

Lately there has been a lot of interest in soft robotics. These tend to use pneumatics or hydraulics in fluid-tight chambers which change shape based on pressure. It is not easy to 3D print with flexible air-tight material. I have done it by using Ninja Flex and then treating it heavily with Methyl Ethyl Ketone …

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Become A Public Inventor

Inventors are the most spectacular causative agents of humanity’s progress. Today invention mostly occurs within commercial firms and universities. Commercial firms primarily seek profit. Universities seek both money and renown from invention. Both firms and universities, the two great poles of the landscape of invention today, seek to temporarily monopolize inventions through patents and other means …

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